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Commission Price Guide by aimeezhou Commission Price Guide by aimeezhou
I'm trying to save up for my wedding next year(we're trying to have a small simple wedding, yet the costs are still daunting!), and am moving soon so really need more money to pay for the astronomical rent prices in Seattle. Because of those things I'm opening up commissions! Here are the guidelines:

For commission inquiries or any questions, please email me at! :)

- Some types of NSFW available (such as nudes) with restrictions.

- Props don’t include buildings, cars, or mechs. Those are available for extra.

- Price points are per character.

- Payments must be made within 24 hours of the commission being accepted.

- Payments made to my paypal.

- Won’t accept requests for extreme gore, hate art, or inflation.

- I will draw some horror (I love horror movies), and love drawing OC’s, fanart (I really love Star Wars/Disney/Indiana Jones/Gravity Falls/Overwatch/Lots of other stuff haha), pinup, portraits, ect!

- Prices shown are for personal commissions that you can use as long as you aren’t making a commercial profit. You may use as icons, banners, or post to social media as long as you give credit to me or link back to me/the original work. I reserve the rights     to the art.

- I may use commissioned art for non-profit uses on websites, banners, business cards, or in my portfolio. I won’t sell work using Original Characters without asking permission, but may sell prints of fanart commissions.

- Not all commissions are posted publicly.

- Feel free to email me with any questions about commissions, or inquiries about any commissions not covered here!

- Prices listed are for personal art commissions, for commercial or contract work, email me at

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June 16, 2016
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